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The hog louse


During last August 1 learned that the pigs on the College Farm were being troubled with lice. I had for some time been anxious to try the kerosene emulsion remedy against these disgusting pests as used so successfully for the destruction of cattle lice last winter and reported upon in Bulletin 5 of this station.

Mixtures of kerosene and lard, and lard and sulphur, as ordinarily recommended against parasites upon domestic animals were first tried that I might know from experience how much of a task it would be to use these substances in the usual way. As I had anticipated, it was found to be a tedious operation if many animals were to be treated and especially if they were wild. In fact I came to the conclusion that any remedy like the preceding where oils or washes are to be applied with a cloth, brush or curry comb, can hardly be practical except in cases where the lice are very abundant or where there are but a few very valuable tame animals that do not object to being handled. At least, this method of treatment would be very unsatisfactory in most cases.



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