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Sugar beets


Four varieties of sugar beets were grown on the Station grounds in 1888, and two varieties in 1889.

Those grown in 1888 were from seed purchased from seeds-men in America, under the names given below.

The roots were harvested in due season and stored in a good root-cellar, but were, not analyzed until January 1889.

Six beets of each variety were taken for analysis, sampled by cutting each longitudinally into quarters or eighths, grating these portions, and of the grated pulps mixing together weights proportional to the weights of the entire beets.

[For determination of sucrose the method of digestion in' either hot or cold alcohol was adopted— the two giving identical results. Glucose, including probably other reducing substances, was determined in aqueous extracts (Pellet’ s method), after complete defecation of the same with basic lead acetate.

For the percentage of juice, and other figures thereon,. 500 grammes (= about 1 lb.) of the pulp of each sample was pressed in a laboratory screw-press until no more juice could be obtained, the expressed juice was weighed, polarized, and its density taken.]



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