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The work begun here in 1888 aiming at the improvement o f the sorghum plant as a sugar bearer was continued during the season of 1889 with the results recorded below.

Our mode of work, fully described in Bulletin No. 5, is by selection of seed from those individual stalks found by analysis to be richest in sugar and highest in purity of juice, for future planting.

In this manner there were selected in 1888 from 180 stalks analyzed, ten whose juice showed an average purity of 73.4 with a mean sucrose content of 13.92 per cent., single polarization, and ten more with an average purity of 73.7 and of 13.63 per cent, surcose.

The average polarization for the entire 180 was only 12.10 per cent, sucrose on the juice; purity of the latter unknown.



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