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Annual report


The following is a concise report of the work performed at the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station during the year 1889.

Feeding experiments were planned and managed from December 26, 1888, to April 11, 1889, by the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station and the Farm Department of the College. The number of steers used in the experiment was twelve. The objects aimed at were: First, to compare the feeding value, in fattening, of timothy hay, corn fodder, corn ensilage and sorghum ensilage, when each is the sole coarse food of the ration, and corn and cob meal the only grain.

Second. To compare a single coarse food, e. g. timothy hay, corn fodder, or ensilage, with a mixture o f the two, e. g. corn fodder and timothy, ensilage and timothy,— the grain being in all cases the same, viz. corn and cob meal.

Third. To compare corn and cob meal with whole corn, as the grain feed in fattening.

Fourth. To compare the cost of out-door with in-door winter fattening.

Fifth. To compare any and all of the rations named above, with a more varied ration containing wheat-bran as a part of the grain feed.

For plan, details and results of these experiments see Bulletin 5.



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