For several years one of the writers experimented with the preparation of drinks from sour milk flavored with fruit juices. At one time an attempt was made to place such a product on the market, but on account of lack of time for advertising, no great demand for it was created.

During the past year the Dairy Section of the Iowa Experiment Station took up the same experiments, hut froze the product to the same consistency as ice cream. At first the experiments were conducted with buttermilk flavored with various fruit juices. So far we have been unable to produce a combination of flavors, with the buttermilk which is absolutely satisfactory, although the buttermilk has been of good quality. Later skimmed milk which had been soured by a commercial lactic acid culture was substituted for the buttermilk. This combined with eggs and the various fruit flavors gave a product which possessed a delicate flavor. We found that many people who disliked the flavor of buttermilk relished this product, which has been called “lacto.”



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