The study upon which the report on the Wood-Using Industries of Iowa is based, was conducted by the Forest Service in cooperation with the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station, the work being done under the direction of O. T. Swan, in charge, office of Wood Utilization, Forest Service, United States Department of Agriculture, and G. B. MacDonald, forester of the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station. The statistics were compiled from data collected in the spring of 1912 and cover a period of one year from January 1 to December 31, 1911. J. T. Harris of the Forest Service visited all parts of the state to secure information and assisted Hu Maxwell of the Forest Service in the preparation of the report. By the terms of the cooperative agreement, the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station is authorized to publish the findings of the investigation.

The chapters upon the “Timber Resources of Iowa” and “White Pine in Iowa” were not prepared in cooperation with the Forest Service but are published herewith on account of the close relation between the wood-using industries and the supply of native timber. The chapter upon the “Timber Resources of Iowa” was prepared by Prof. G. B. MacDonald from material derived from his investigations. The chapter upon “White Pine in Iowa” was prepared by Prof. Nelson C. Brown.



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