In continuing its investigation of cold storage for Iowa grown apples, upon which a partial report was made in September, 1909*, the horticultural section of the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station has found further evidence that the principal commercial varieties of apples grown in the state may be handled with profit. The four years’ work with many different varieties all gives support to the value of this practice to Iowa apple men.

Since 1909 the Station has also developed many other new facts of importance to Iowa apple growers, not the least of them pertaining to the freezing of apples and their storage value when frozen. Careful tests indicate that apples which are frozen upon the trees in the fall can be safely placed in cold storage if allowed to thaw out gradually on the tree before picking, unless the fruit is broken down by the freeze. Apples which are frozen in cold or common storage will not be seriously injured if thawed out below freezing temperature.



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