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The Codling-moth in Iowa


One-half of the apple crop in Iowa, representing a value of $3,000,000, is lost annually because of damage by the codling-moth. Yet 95 per cent of this great loss may be saved by better methods of treatment. Spraying properly managed is effective in controlling this destructive insect and reduces damage to a minimum.

Although control is possible, it is safe to say that every apple orchard in Iowa is infested with codling-moth, the extent of its destruction varying with the care given the trees. If well eared for and sprayed, the loss is only slight; if neglected and not sprayed at all, the chances are that most of the fruit is wormy. Apples injured by the codling-moth drop to the ground before sound apples and so reduce the crop on the trees at picking time. Windfalls bring little or no money and wormy fruit also is undesirable, because of the worminess and because it is unfit for storage.



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