Volume 15 (1916)

Number 168
Silage and silage fermentation

Number 169
The weather and honey production

Number 170
Evergreen trees for Iowa

Number 171
Bordeaux spray for tip burn and early blight of potatoes

Number 172
Managing a tuberculous herd

Number 173
The box elder aphid

Number 174
Bacteria in ice cream---II

Number 175
Improving the oat crop

Number 176
A successful Iowa shed roof poultry house

Number 177
The “alkali” soils of Iowa

Number 178
The nesting habits of the hen

Number 179
The strawberry leaf-roller

Number 180
Factors which influence the yield and consistency of ice cream

Number 181
Baby beef production

Number 182
Limiting the grain ration for fattening cattle

Number 183
Soil erosion in Iowa

Number 184
A rural social survey of Orange Township, Blackhawk County, Iowa