Volume 16 (1919)

Number 185
Corn supplements and substitutes for fattening lambs

Number 186
A bacteriological study of the method of pasteurizing and homogenizing the ice cream mix.

Number 187
Soiling crops for milk production

Number 188
Influence of environment and breeding in increasing dairy production—II

Number 189
Silo construction

Number 190
Bacteriological results obtained in practice with vat pasteurization and with one of the final package methods

Number 191
Reclaiming Iowa's "push" soils.

Number 192
Cold storage for Iowa apples: Third progress report

Number 193
A rural social survey of Lone Tree Township, Clay County, Iowa

Number 194
Sunshine and sanitation for hog houses

Number 195
The preparation of corn for dairy cows

Number 196
Controlling downy mildew of lettuce

Number 197
The cost of production milk

Number 198
Farm management surveys in Black Hawk, Grundy and Tama counties, Iowa

Number 199
Grape production and distribution in Western Iowa

Number 200
Cooperative livestock shipping in Iowa in 1920