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Silo construction


The value of the silo as a means of utilizing almost the entire corn plant and producing valuable feed has been thoroly demonstrated. Silage is an economical and desirable feed and it is highly desirable that the use of the silo be more generally adopted.

The construction of silos has been for many years one of the principal lines of investigation followed by the Agricultural Engineering Section of the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station. Results have been published in the following bulletins: No. 100, July, 1908, revised and republished July, 1909; No. 117, June, 1910, by J. B. Davidson and M. L. King, and No. 141, June, 1913, by J. B. Davidson. This new bulletin No. 189 is a revision of Bulletin No. 141.

The Agricultural Engineering Section does not recommend any one type of silo above all others. It has been demonstrated by experience that a number of different types of silos will each give satisfactory service if properly constructed.

It is well worth while for the silo builder to study the types and details of construction which will insure a reasonably permanent structure.



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