Agriculture is still our chief business, but the study and practice of agriculture should be something more than a mere study or examination of economic problems. It should be a study or examination of the educational, moral, political, religious and social conditions as well, for each of these has a vital relationship with all other activities of men in the open country. It is true that upon good farming wait all other institutions in the country, such as good homes, good schools, good churches, good roads, and the many other rural co-operative enterprises, but it is to foster and improve these that husbandry is itself fostered in the country. In other words, good farming is a means while good living is the end, which rural people rightly set as the goal of their achievement. This study is therefore not concerned especially with a study of husbandry in the country but rather with an investigation of the institutions that wait upon good business in farming. It aims at a true-to-life portrayal of the present status of these institutions as they are found in the township with a view to offering some constructive basis for their greater development and improvement.



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