This bulletin contains a detailed survey of the 385 farm homes and farm families living in Hudson, Orange and Jesup consolidated school districts of Blackhawk and Buchanan counties.

Farm people are constantly asking two questions. These are: “(1) What can we do to make life on the farm mean more? (2) How can we, with the cooperation of those engaged in the scientific study of rural life, secure a richer and fuller farm life?” But before farm people can find or work out a constructive and satisfactory solution to these questions they must have accurate and first-hand information on two other questions. These are: (1) What have they in their community to work with? and (2 ) What has already been done and what is now being done to make farm life more attractive? Information on, or an answer to these latter questions alone can serve as a practical and scientific basis on which to build a program of action. Individuals and groups of farm people can then work constructively toward making farm life more pleasant.



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