Inasmuch as the subject of the treatment of fungus diseases of bur cultivated plants has not received attention in previous bulletins issued by the station some practical suggestions in regard to a few diseases some of which have been experimented with on the college grounds during the season of 1890 will not be out of place. The loss to Iowa farmers and horticulturists from such diseases as rusts, smuts, mildews, apple scab, leaf-spot disease of the cherry, strawberry leaf blight, spot disease of currants and many others, caused by fungi, amounts to thousands of dollars every y ea r ; fortunately some of them are amenable to treatment with substances known as fungicides, which, when applied at the proper time, check the growth of the fungus. It is unfortunate, however, that the most serious pests of the farmer can as yet not be reached by these fungicides. Such diseases as rust of wheat and forage plants still continue to destroy the crops of the farmer, making it in some cases almost impossible to successfully grow some of the grains, of when grown there is great loss. To successfully treat such disease is a great problem, which can only be solved by carefully conducted experiments carried over a long series of years.

It will be well to briefly explain some terms in connection with fungi to make what I have to say more intelligible. Most of these enemies cannot be made out unless greatly magnified.



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