A short time since Prof. Curtiss informed us that Mr. Dana Reed, of Coon Rapids, had given him some beetles that were eating into the ears of corn, and from his description it was inferred that they were the common Indian Cetonia (Euphoria inda), which has in a few instances heretofore been reported as doing damage of this character. The beetles proved, as suspected, to be this species, and in view of the uncertainty as to the possibility of this species to do damage of this kind it seemed desirable to get as much data as possible and to make some tests of its ability to enter uninjured ears.

The cases hitherto recorded where Euphoria inda has attacked corn, eating into the ears, may be summed up as follows, most of the information on the subject, so far as we have noticed, being contained in the first Report on the Insects of New York by Prof. J. A Lintner.



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