For the purpose of ascertaining the best time to sow the seeds of cultivated grasses this station sowed the seeds of six different grasses at eight different times beginning March 23 and ending May 12, 1891. The varieties sown were red clover, white clover, timothy, orchard grass, tall meadow oat grass and awnless brome (bromus inermus). The plats are one rod square. The soil is rolling prairie with black surface and clay subsoil, fall plowed. The amount sown were, red clover and timothy at the rate of 20 pounds per acre, white clover 10 pounds per acre, tall meadow oat grass 50 pounds, orchard grass 30 pounds, and brome 60 pounds per acre. On March 24 two inches of snow fell after the first seeding that was sown on the surface without covering of any kind. At this seeding the frost was out of the ground 4 inches, the temperature of the atmosphere at 3 p. m. was 370 F:; one inch below the surface it was 38°. The soil was quite wet and unfit for any kind of cultivation. All seedings after the first were raked in thoroughly.



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