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Varieties of potatoes


About two dozen varieties of potatoes were found in the Station root cellar at the beginning of last year. These with other desirable kinds were planted for a comparative test. A piece of ground that had at one time been the site occupied by a house and brick yard was planted with thirty varieties. The ground was not in good condition. Part of it had to be cleared of stumps, stones, and the remains of two brick kilns, a part was old stiff clay soil and the remainder was in blue grass and clover. When all cleared it gave a rectangular plat containing 3.30 acres. A part had been fall plowed. All was deeply cultivated and well harrowed before planting. The potatoes were cut two and three eyes to each piece and planted four inches deep with an Aspinwall potato planter six to ten inches apart in drills from April 24 to May 6, as shown by the table on the following page.



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