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Feeding lambs


For the purpose of determining the effect of different rations in feeding lambs, an experiment was conducted extending over a period of 121 days— December 1, 1891, to April 1, 1892. The lambs used were four pairs of twins. One pair was said to be full blooded Hampshires and the others were of mixed Cotswold and Down blood. All of them were selected from a large flock owned in the vicinity of the College and were taken from the ewes in the latter part of September, and given a light grain ration on good clover pasture until put into the experiment, December 1st. October 22d, the pair of Hampshires sheared 31/4 pounds each of clean bright wool. Among the different pairs there was considerable variation in size, as will be seen by reference to the weights, but the individuals of each pair selected were as nearly alike as could be secured.

Three pairs, numbers 175 and 176, 177 and 178, and 179 and 180, all ewes, were divided into two lots, as follows: Lot I, 175, 178 and 179; Lot II, 176, 177 and 180. Numbers 175 and 176 were the Hampshires. Lot I weighed at the be ginning of the experiment 211 pounds, and Lot II 207.



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