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Experiments with sheep


We conducted experiments with sheep during the past winter. The College owns seven breeds of registered sheep. They were wintered in a comfortable barn, where each lot could be controlled in all its relations. Grain, hay, water, and facilities for weighing were all convenient. The sheep were gentle and familiar with the herdsman, who did all the feeding and weighing, and made written reports daily, that were recorded. Every provision that could be made to secure accurate work was at hand. The experiment began Dec. 10th and continued for 90 days, to March 7th.

We had in view the amounts of grain and hay necessary to winter each breed, the gain or loss in weight, the cost of the feed, the average feed and weight for the whole flock, the wool clipped from each breed, unscoured and scoured, the comparative value in both conditions, the comparison of the wools of the different breeds under the microscope, the loss in scouring of each breed, and the average value of wool from each breed.



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