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Feeding colts


To secure the best results in wintering weanling colts is one of the difficult problems in animal husbandry, and so important as to very largely determine the after value of the horse, and the profit or loss of horse raising. During the past winter some investigations were made by this station, with a view to securing satisfactory results and making a comparison of ground and unground feed. The colts used in making the trials consisted of six head of imported weanling filleys, two Percherons, Victoreuse (37255) 16080, and Miss (37162) 16079, two English Shires, Stuntney Victoria 3925, and Stuntney Alexandria 3924, and two French Coach Neomie 1117, and Normandie 1118. The Percherons are both grand-daughters of Gilbert 5451 (461), and the Shires and Coachers are respectively half sisters, thus making a uniform even lot. All were foaled in the spring of 1891, but the Percherons were about one month older than the others. The importation was made in 1891, and the colts reached the college farm September 24. The trial of ground and unground feed was not begun until March 1, 1892, but the feeding from October 1st is here reported, in order to give conditions for comparison, and as a feeding period of interest when considered separately.



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