Extended personal observation, the press reports, and our correspondence, show this to be an “off year” with the apple crop over about the whole country east of the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic.

So far as known, it is also true that scab of leaf and fruit,. {Fusicladium dendriticum, Fckl.,) and other leaf troubles, are found to a greater extent than has been heretofore known on all varieties of the west European apples, and their American seedlings; also, on all varieties of the Siberian crabs, and o f our native crab, Pyrus coronaria. In the vicinity of Ames, we have not been able to find a healthy leaf on the native crab, and the perfect leaves are rare on the Siberian crabs, and our common apples, except the Duchess of Oldenburg, Whitney, Tetofsky, Wealthy, and some other varieties o f Russian origin or descent.



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