The objects of the following feeding trials were to determine the relative values of wash water from the creamery churn, of buttermilk fed alone, and in conjunction with soaked corn, and to determine the effect of corn following a long period of feeding with a very narrow ratio.

Each lot was given all the diluted milk that it would drink. The total solids of this milk amounted to 4.5 per cent, being about one-half the total solids in ordinary buttermilk, showing that the milk was reduced about one-half its value. Lot two was fed ,two pounds of shelled corn, soaked, per day and head. Lot three was fed four pounds of shelled corn, soaked, per day and head. Lot four was fed all the corn they would eat which was from six to seven pounds per day and head. The result for lot one shows that the so-called wash water is not a sustaining ration. The pigs losing a little rising one-half pound of live weight per day and head. A part of this loss can be accounted for in stomach contents.



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