In the spring of 1883 a Bulletin was issued by this Department giving an outline of our experiments with, and investigations of, some of the fruits and ligneous plants of the steppe sections of East Europe and North Central Asia. Since that time we have made several importations of scions and rooted plants from the parts of East Europe where the summer heat is nearly or quite equal to ours, and we have sent out many thousands of plants for trial across the continent on our northern borders. The present notes are a summary of the reports received from our trial stations and of our observations on the College grounds up to date, of a part of the varieties and species which we now have in nursery for distribution in the spring of 1893. But we also have in stock in limited quantity a large number of other varieties and species which have been favorably reported and propagated at other times. We do not graft and bud a full list of our valuable varieties at one time as it would extend our propagating work to a greater extent than our other College duties permit.



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