During the past season we have given especial attention to grass and clover insects, the importance of which, in this State, need not be emphasized. Other studies of insects affecting potatoes and rape have been made because of their immediate interest, those on the Potato Stalk Weevil being published in this number. Some of the insects affecting rape were mentioned in a preceding Bulletin, and it is hoped that further matter may be presented in the next number, along with some details of studies on Leaf Hoppers, the present number being already crowded.

The work on the Clover Seed Caterpillar has been so largely performed by Mr. Gossard, and that on the Potato Stalk Weevil by Mr. Sirrine, that it appears under their respective names. I have been assisted in the details of experiments with Leaf Hoppers, especially by Mr. Gossard, and am indebted to him for careful attention to the work as planned.



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