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Root crops


This station has experimented during the past season with several root crops, among which were the Long Red Mangel, Medium Red, Golden Tankard, Yellow Swedish Turnip, Rutabagas, and Carrots.

These were planted on one acre of August plowed meadow sod ground, disced twice November 1st in order to kill insects. In the spring it was plowed twelve inches deep and thoroughly pulverized by the disc and harrow. The seed was planted in the last days of May and first day of June, in small ridges, two feet apart, with a Planet Jr. seeder. Cultivation the first time was done with a hand cultivator. The few weeds in the rows were pulled by hand. After that, cultivation was done four times with a one horse Planet Jr. cultivator; at the last cultivation the earth was turned toward the rows. At this, time the ground between the rows was entirely shaded with the tops. The few remaining weeds, after the last cultivation, were removed with hand and hoe; comparatively little hand work was done. A good stand was obtained of all roots, except the carrots, which are most difficult to start, being slow of growth when young, and requiring more hand work than most roots.



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