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Corn growing


In order to make a trial of green manuring compared with other methods a piece of rye was turned under May 23d,when about eight inches high. The ground was nice mellow and clean and in perfect condition for planting. It was harrowed twice and planted with Capital corn on May 24th.

Adjoining it on one side was clover sod plowed the same day, harrowed and disced, planted the same day as the rye piece, with the same variety of corn. Adjoining the rye ground on the other side was a piece of fall plowed wheat stubble, unmanured. .Lying next to the latter was a piece of unmanured spring plowed ground that grew corn the year previous. Next to that was manured oat stubble, spring plowed. The aggregate area of the six plats was 5.96 acres. The two last named plats were manured during winter with barn-yard manure—twenty loads to 2.85 acres—and plowed early in the spring. The four last named plats were planted on May 18th and 20th, with the same variety of corn as the others mentioned. Capital corn is an improved Learning. The cultivation was the same for all the pieces throughout the season.



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