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Steer feeding


In view of the fact that Iowa is the leading state in the production of good beef, and has the finest grains and grasses, insuring the continuance of the industry, and considering that so many cattle are marketed that are not finished, but forwarded for feeders further east, or to be slaughtered in their immature condition, to the great loss of our farmers who, meanwhile, are exporting grains and fodders; and in view of the further fact that Iowa cattle feeds; and other conditions differ greatly from conditins obtaining in many other states and countries, where experiments in feeding to a finish have been made, we determined to begin a series of feeding tests that would help our fanners in arriving at correct conclusions with regard to making the highest selling beef. According to the report of the Department of Agriculture at Washington, in January 1893, Iowa had 3,995,342 cattle, valued at $80,000,000. The cattle of the state are increasing, while those of the United States are decreasing in absolute numbers, as well as in ratio to population.



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