Co-operative work with farmers in the study of sugar beet culture was continued during the season of 1892.

This work was begun the year previous, in which year the station distributed seed to a large number of farmers, and in autumn analyzed 502 samples of beets, grown in 51 counties of the state. (See Bulletins 15 and 17.)

Last spring (1892) the interest manifested by the farmers was much less. Only fifty-two applied for seed, and in autumn only eighteen of these sent in beets for analysis. Of the remaining thirty-four only three sent any explanation— which was in all three cases “a total failure of the crop.” No doubt the failure of most or all of the others to send in beets was due to a like cause; for not only was the season generally unfavorable, because of the unusually wet and backward spring, but moreover the writer is convinced from his own trials with the seed that much of that which he sent out was deficient in germinating power. This statement is due to those who faithfully tried and failed to get a crop; and on the other hand it is but fair to the writer to state that he procured the seed for that of “the very best quality” from a company which imports and distributes large quantities each year.



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