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Experiments with mallein


For the benefit of our readers who are not familiar with the agent Mallein and its uses we will say that it is a preparation obtained by growing in culture media, the bacillus of glanders, and that as yet its only use has been as an aid in the diagnosis of doubtful cases of this disease.

The Mallein used in our experiment was prepared by the Bureau of Animal Industry and kindly sent us by request of Dr. Stalker. In regard to the mode of preparation I quote as follows from an article by Drs. Schweinitz and Kilborn: “Acid peptonized beef broth cultures, containing five per cent glycerine were inoculated with the glanders bacillus and the cultures allowed to grow for two months at the temperature of the room. At this time the growth which had been abundant had almost entirely ceased. The liquid was then heated for two hours from 80 to 100° C., after which it was filtered through a Pasteur tube to remove germs. The resulting clear amber liquid, after being tested to prove the absence of germs and diluted with five per cent glycerine for better perservation was used for injection.”



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