The experiment reported in the following pages was undertaken on the suggestion of Prof. Wilson, Director of the Experiment Station, and carried on during the spring of 1893. Among the things studied during the investigation were the following:—1. The amount of the cheese constituents of the milk lost during the process of manufacture. 2. The relation between the amount of fat in the milk from which the cheese was made and the loss of fat during the process of manufacture and afterward. 3. The relation between the amount of fat in the milk and the amount of cheese made from it. 4. The comparative cost of production and the final market value of cheese made from milk containing different per cents of fat. 5. The ripening of cheese made from milk containing different percentages of fat. In addition the chemist to the station is making a study of the chemical changes that take place in the cheese made during this experiment.

The greater number of the cheese were made by Mr. G. L. McKay, a few being made by the writer and by Mr. F. A. Leighton. The analytical work was done under the direction of Prof. Patrick, chemist to the Experiment Station.



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