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During the summer of 1893 this station continued inquiry into soiling crops begun in 1891. The long continued drouth beginning in July and continuing into October, resulting in bare pastures and great loss to owners of all domestic animals, makes necessary thorough inquiry into all plants suitable to our soil and climate that mature during the months when experience shows us something must be prepared to supplement the pasture.

Much can be done by preparing well seeded acres, or ample area, to keep stock over short dry periods, but it is evident that such long drouths as we had during the past summer must be anticipated by fodders that can be cut in succession, and of such character as the different objects the feeder has in view demand. It is the purpose of this station to ascertain for the farmers of Iowa what plants suitable for green feeding grow most satisfactorily with us, what effect they severally have on milk and meat production; particularly what quality of butter can be made from each, and how much of each is sufficient for a milk cow, feeding steer, sheep, hog or work horse.



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