Among the insects which have been particularly destructive the past season the wheat head army worm is conspicuous. Reports received from different parts of the state, besides numerous articles in state papers, indicate it in many parts of the state heretofore free from it. It is especially noticeable on account of the method in which it works, the worm attacking the heads of timothy and shelling out the seed. In this way it causes almost a total loss of the seed crop, and, since its work appears after the time when timothy is best cut for hay, it also causes a considerable, if not total, loss of the hay crop.

Most of the reports of its injuries this season have come from the northeastern portion of the state, especially in the line of counties from Dubuque west to the middle of the state, but in a general way the reports indicate damage in all of the northeastern counties. A few years ago loss of the same nature occurred in some of the southeastern counties, the loss in Jefferson county being estimated at something like $150,000, and $30,000 in Wayne county. Reports during that year, 1887, showed its presence in the counties of Adair, Appanoose, Davis, Clarke, Decatur, Des Moines, Henry, Jefferson, Lee, Lucas, Ringgold, Van Buren and Wayne.



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