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Steer and Heifer beef.


The heifer is rarely as well fed as the steer, but is sold to local butchers at a low price, or sent east to be sold cheaper than the steer in the same condition. When the heifer is well fed custom consigns her to a lower class than a steer of equal breeding, while heifer beef in some countries sells higher than steer beef. The beef from spayed heifers is popularly supposed to be superior to that of Open heifers, and there is reason to believe that the spayed heifer feeds better, Little has been done along these lines in our country, and nothing so far in our state, that is more interested in beef-making than any in the nation.

In order that indications resulting from experimental conditions might be had for the benefit of Iowa farmers, this station bought, in 1892, fifteen grade yearling shorthorns, five steers and ten heifers, from A. J. Graves, of Ames; they were all from the same sire, and as near alike in breeding and development as possible. We had five of the heifers spayed during the fall of that year, and the whole kept in stock condition until January 4, 1893, when they were tied up and all fed the same ration during the experimental period that lasted until December 1st. The heifers were all thought to be clear of calf when bought, but when the feeding period was far advanced this was found to be a mistake that caused some regret, but that brought facts to our attention well worth recording.



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