The relative values of different roughages in the winter fattening of two-year-old steers when shelled corn, full-fed, cottonseed meal and salt are allowed, as well as the advisability of limiting the grain fed in a corn silage-alfalfa hay-salt ration are the themes of the experiment covered in this bulletin.

How does corn fodder compare in feeding value with corn silage? What are the comparative feeding values of red clover and alfalfa hays? Will timothy and oat straw supply the steers' needs economically when this roughage is balanced with a liberal allowance of cottonseed meal fed with the corn grain and salt? How does mixed timothy-clover hay rank alongside the pure red clover? Can one finish two-year-old. cattle with profit by using corn silage, alfalfa hay and salt without extra grain? These are some of the questions this research throws light upon.



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