This is the second type of farming bulletin prepared by the Agricultural Economics Section of the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station. The first one, “Types of Farming in Iowa,” Iowa Experiment Station Bulletin 256,1 analyzes the geographical distribution of the important farm enterprises found in Iowa. It also goes a step further and shows why the farmers in each section of the state have combined their farm enterprises in just the proportions that they have.

This bulletin is devoted entirely to the corn enterprise. Other bulletins contemplated for this series will treat small grain and forage crops, including pasture, hogs, the dairy industry and beef cattle. Another series is planned, which will be based upon regional studies of the particular farm organization and management problems found to exist in various parts of the state. Finally, it is hoped that we can prepare and publish a research bulletin for the benefit of other workers in this field, which will give a complete report of the research work done and the analysis made as a foundation for the popular bulletins above enumerated.



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