This publication is a report of the Iowa Corn Yield Test, the primary object of which is to locate the strains and varieties which will produce the largest yields of dry shelled corn in the different sections and districts of the state. The Farm Crops Section of the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station has cooperated with the Iowa Corn and Small Grain Growers’ Association from the time the work was first undertaken in 1920. Since 1922 this cooperation has been shared by the Office of Cereal Crops and Diseases of the United States Department of Agriculture which at that time assigned a scientific assistant to the work.

Thru the agricultural press and the annual reports of the association, yearly results of the yield comparisons have been given the public. But inasmuch as the average of accumulated tests is of especial significance in. a comparative study of varieties and strains, it is deemed advisable herewith to report certain results not previously available.



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