The livestock and livestock products accounted for about 80 percent of the total farm income on 28 Iowa county farms for which records are available during 1925 to 1927. The importance of efficient feeding is emphasized by the fact that the value of feeds consumed comprised about three-fourths of the livestock expenses.

Bach of the livestock enterprises tended to fill definite functions in the farm business. The nature of the cattle and hog enterprises tended to vary from farm to farm depending on the type of land, acreages in feed crops and the labor supply.

The size of the hog enterprise varied widely but tended to be adjusted to the number of acres in corn and the amount of labor available. On the smaller farms more fall pigs were raised than on those large farms where the crops needed all available labor in the late summer and fall. Spring pigs were produced with an average of about 50 pounds less of concentrates but with a month more pasturage than fall pigs.



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