Volume 24 (1930)

Number 275
The population of Iowa, its composition and changes: A brief sociological study of Iowa’s human assets

Number 276
A soil management program for Carrington loam

Number 277
Swine performance record litter comparisons

Number 278
Dried buttermilk for growing and fattening pigs

Number 279
The effect of various containers on the growth of vegetable plants

Number 280
A soil management program for Grundy silt loam

Number 281
Value of family living on Iowa farms

Number 282
Soybean and alfalfa hays for wintering pregnant ewes

Number 283
Retail credit in Iowa farmers’ elevators

Number 284
The trend of corn prices

Number 285
Observations on the counting of bacteria in ice cream by the plate method

Number 286
The pasteurization efficiencies secured with milk from individual farms

Number 287
The effect of processing, handling and of testing procedures on the fat content of ice cream

Number 288
Gladiolus varieties in floriculture trial gardens at Iowa State College