Volume 25 (1932)

Number 289
Costs and utilization of corn in seven Iowa counties

Number 290
The ages of breeding cattle and the possibilities of using proven sires

Number 291
Soil management on the Carrington silt loam

Number 292
The use of water bowls in the dairy barn

Number 293
The peppers

Number 294
An economic study of the hog enterprise

Number 295
A plan for adjusting cash rent to changes in the prices of farm products

Number 296
Rural fire waste in Iowa 1930-31

Number 297
Wind electric plants

Number 298
Effects of inoculation and liming on soybeans grown on the Grundy silt loam

Number 299
Corn preparation with alfalfa and silage for fattening lambs

Number 300
The agar disc method for studying the contamination from metal surfaces

Number 301

Number 302
The design and construction of masonry water supply tanks