Corn is a superior basal grain for fattening lambs in the Corn Belt. What is the best method of preparing corn in order to obtain economical results? Corn grain may be fed in several ways— as ear corn, broken ear corn, shelled corn, corn and cob meal or ground corn. While some of the more highly prepared forms of corn may produce more efficient results from the standpoint of gains made and feed required per unit of gain than others, yet the extra cost of preparation might increase the cost of production to such an extent that the preparation would prove unprofitable.

With the above considerations in mind, the experiments herein reported were conducted by the Animal Husbandry Section of the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station, in order to gain further knowledge as to the most practical method of feeding corn to fattening lambs. Some data on the value of corn silage as the sole roughage or as part of the roughage have also been secured and are included in the study.

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