Corporate-owned land amounted on January 1, 1935, to 10.1 percent of the 34 million acres of farm land in Iowa.

Insurance companies hold over half the corporate-owned land, with deposit banks the second largest holder.

Centers of concentration are in the south-central, north-central and a small area in the western part of the state.

The Iowa farm mortgage debt was reduced by $74,000,000 during 1934, and now totals $924,000,000, of which 40 percent is held by insurance companies, 26 percent by the Farm Credit Administration and 12 percent by banks The debt per acre was $63 at the close of 1934 as compared with $66 in 1933. Since 1933 there has been a reduction of 2 percent in farm land mortgaged. (Forty-three percent is now mortgaged.)



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