The Soil Erosion Service of the United States Department of Agriculture has 32 Erosion Control Projects under way in 31 states. More projects will be initiated in the near future. One of these demonstrational and experimental projects embraces about 152,000 acres of the Big Creek watershed area in Ringgold and Decatur counties, Iowa, and Harrison County, Missouri. The headquarters for this project of the Soil Erosion Service are at Bethany, Mo.

The government invites the farmers of this area to enter a cooperative agreement, under which the Soil Erosion Service agrees to assist the farmer in controlling erosion, and the farmer agrees to follow an erosion control program for 5 years. This program is worked out individually, for each cooperating farmer, by the farmer himself and the soil erosion experts. The government furnishes special equipment for terracing and gully control, as well as a portion of the seed, fertilizer and limestone necessary for an erosion control program.



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