The World War marked a turning point in the history of corn production in the United States. Previous to the World War the trend of corn production in this country was steadily rising. Since 1920, however, it has declined because of decreases both in yield and acreage.

From 1900 to 1920, the United States’ corn crop averaged 68 percent of the world crop of corn, the annual percentages fluctuating about a horizontal trend. Since the World War, however, the United States’ proportion of the world corn crop has been declining. The trend declined to 55 percent in 1933. Corn production has been increasing in other countries and decreasing in the United States.

Gross and net exports of corn from the United States have been declining. During the past 10 years they have only once (in 1928-29) exceeded 1 percent of the total crop. Foreign importers of corn are buying more corn from our competitors and less from us. This trend was clearly evident before the AAA reduction program was instituted.



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