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Calf feeding


Iowa’s position as a cattle producing State, together with modem methods in utilizing the highest available percentage of butter fat in milk, renders the subject of this investigation of unusual interest at the present time. That the future of both the beef and the dairy industry of the Western States depends largely upon successful calf raising is universally recognized. Bulletin No. 14 of this Station presents the results of an investigation showing that substantially as good results may be obtained from skim milk, properly fed, as from whole milk and at greatly reduced cost. This conclusion is fully substantiated in the results of this and a preceding experiment in this line, recorded in Bulletin No. 19. The latter two, however, were undertaken with a view to determining how best to utilize skimmed or separator milk in feeding to calves. Bulletin No. 19 contains the results of the first investigation in this line, indicating that corn meal and ground flaxseed constitute a better and much cheaper grain ration for feeding with skim milk than oil meal.*



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