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A pest of dairy salts.


The claims of superiority set forth by the different manufacturers of dairy salts, led the Dairy Department of this station to make a test of several of the leading brands of dairy salt with regard to their effect on the keeping qualities of butter. The matter of shrinkage, in working also came in incidentally.

The butter for this test was churned Oct. 11th from the cream separated from 9316 pounds of milk, by the Danish Westsn and Alpha separators, The cream was ripened over night and put in the churns the next morning about 7:30. Each churn contained 80 gallons of about 25 per cent fat cream at a temperature of 53°, free from taint or foreign odor and showing an acidity of 33 by Mann’s Acid Test. Both churns were started at the same time, but one had to run about five minutes longer than the other in order that the butter granules should be of the same size in eaeh.



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