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The chinch bug.


This insect has been so much written about that it would seem as if every farmer should be posted regarding it, but it is of so much importance to the farming interests of the state, the need of more thorough knowledge concerning it on the part of cultivators is so apparent and so much new matter concerning its habits and treatment can be presented that no apology is necessary for making it the leading topic of the year’s report.

Since its first recognition, nearly a century ago, it has made a record of losses, running into the millions of dollars in single years, a summary of which, though instructive, is hardly possible in the space at hand. For a very complete historical account of the insect as well as an admirable discussion of methods of treatment, up to 1887, the reader is referred to an article on the Chinch Bug by L. O. Howard (Bull. No. 17, Div. Ent. U. S. Dept. Agr’l) or, perhaps more accessible on application to congressmen, in the report of the U. S. Dept, of Agr’l for 1887.



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