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Butter flavor.


In the study of the flavor of butter various artificial starters were used. The scoring of the different lots was done by experts, without any knowledge along what lines I was experimenting. The tubs were numbered and sent to the scorers, who returned scores to me according to numbers sent. The different scorers were W. S. Moore, official scorer for the Elgin Board of Trade; J. R. Morin, who was one of the judges a t the World’s Fair, and A. H. Barber of Chicago.

On December 3rd I took 150 gallons oi cream and after thoroughly mixing it in a vat, divided it into two equal parts, using Conn’s B. 41, as a starter in one vat, and butter-milk in the other. Three gallons of starter were added to each vat. The cream in both lots was ripened a t a temperature of 72 ° F. during the first seven hours, after which it was cooled to 60 ° and left for the night. The butter granules in each churning were about the size of No. 6 shot. Seven eighths of an ounce of salt to each pound of butter was used. Each lot was worked six and a half minutes in the Fargo worker.



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