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Lamb feeding. II.


The work herein recorded presents a continuation of the experiment in lamb feeding, taken up by this station in November, 1895. and reported in bulletin 33, including a few additional features, together with a summary of both experiments covering all points of the former duplicated in this.

At the time this work was taken up sheep were not in demand and not generally regarded profitable in this and other agricultural states. The total number of sheep in Iowa decreased from 791,043 to 565.137, or 28 per cent, in three years from January, 1893, to January, 1896, and the decrease in the United States in the same time was from 47,273,553 to 38,298.783, or nearly 19 per cent. From January, 1891, to January, 1896, we imported $ 5,813,512 worth of sheep or $1,306,455 more than the exports of sheep and mutton amounted to in the same time. Our imports consisted mainly of breeding sheep from Great Britain and Canada, fat sheep from Canada, and stock sheep from Mexico.



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