During the month of January, 1897, we completed our third experiment with milk from strippers and fresh cows, for butter making.

The test for fresh cows’ milk was taken from four that had been milked for a period of sixty-two days from calving.

The strippers, seven in number, had been bred for a period of six and a half months, on an average. Special precautions were taken that the milk in no way could become mixed, as one of our men went night and morning to the barns to see the cows milked, and the milk put in its proper place after it was thoroughly aerated. It was then taken to the creamery and kept until it was separated. Both lots of cows were fed on the following rations: To each cow were given daily: Sheaf oats, 8 pounds; clover hay, 6 pounds; corn, 6 pounds; barley meal, 3 pounds; and sugar butts, 5 pounds.



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