In Bulletins No. 22 and 32 a brief history is given of our work in crossing the Russian wild rose (rosa rugosa) and our Iowa wild rose (Rosa Arkansana) with pollen of some of our best garden varieties.

The purpose at present is to give some brief notes on the thrift and relative hardiness of varieties, character of flowers and habits of flowering. Cut No. 1, appended, gives a view of the hybrid plantation on June 15, 1897.

The vigorous and thrifty plants of the plantation are all supposed to be hybrids, as the work of crossing was done with great care and every bush is varied in habit, leaf or flower from the mother type. Over ninety per cent of the plants bear single flowers, with only live petals, but they are singularly varied in size and color of flower, size and color of the hips, and size, shape, and net veining of leaf.



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